‘Stability masking significant declines’ in France 

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The Comité Français des Aérosols (CFA) has revealed there was a 5.9% drop in total aerosol filling in France in 2021.

Personal Care increased in 2021 (end of the 2020 lockdown) but did not reach its 2019 level - personal care represented the largest segment of activity, with 23 percent of the total.

But it added that a large amount of that activity is for export and the aerosol has suffered from competition from other forms of packaging.

Shaving foams and gels were down 15.7 percent in 2021, according to the report. 

It said: “In 2020, the small decline in this segment was a surprise considering the lockdown impact on other segments above. The significant drop in 2021 probably compensates for the maintenance of 2020. 

“Fewer days spent teleworking and a waning trend in beards may explain this decline. That segment represents 6 percent of the production in France.

Suncare, water sprays, dry shampoos and others were also down, by -1.8 percent. That segment, which was growing at 20 percent in 2020, was maintained in 2021: “These versatile products are easily impacted by fashion or weather phenomena. It also seems that the growth in 2020 anticipated the risk of an increase in raw materials announced for 2021 (building up of stocks, end 2020). Total personal care category, which represents 63 percent of the total filling with 404 million units, is up +2.2 percent.”

Households saw a drop of -7.5 percent for 61 million aerosol units filled in 2021, with air fresheners down - 16.2 percent - this segment represents the biggest drop in 2021.

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