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Jul 2, 2020
“Innovation is key to face the new normal”
Jun 26, 2020
Rick Hindley, executive director at Alupro, shares the UK Environment Agency’s latest aluminium recycling figures and discusses how artificially inflated PRN prices are impacting the industry Every year, UK companies produce more than 1.4 billion aluminium and steel aerosol containers. While 60% are exported, 600 million are sold, filled, and used in the UK. Accounting... [Read More]

Jun 17, 2020
Kacper Klos, vice-president at Solmatic, discusses the company’s introduction to bag-on-valve, thinking outside the box and supporting customers in the fight against coronavirus To some, the aerosol market may seem like an outdated and saturated one with not much having changed for the last decades. Despite its little, but stable annual quantitative growth, there... [Read More]

Jun 5, 2020
Kinza Sutton, head of public affairs and sustainability at Plastipak Europe, explains how the European Plastics Pact could affect the aerosol sector Earlier this year on 6 March, 15 governments with NGOs, companies and business associations joined and launched the European Plastics Pact – a public-private coalition that aims to avoid plastic waste and bring all actors... [Read More]

Jun 1, 2020
Gary Okey, CHMM, executive vice-president of Recycle Aerosol, explains how the company shifted its recycling production to prioritise ethanol-containing products during the pandemic We have all been told for the past several months that we are in a war against this invisible enemy. As we consider how the pandemic has impacted our normal work, family and social lives,... [Read More]

Apr 30, 2020
The traditional enamel rating process – used to detect holes and leaks in the lacquer layer of the can – is often unreliable. Innosen has developed a solution.   Food cans have a lacquer layer inside them to protect the contents from spoiling and from damaging the can itself. An unlacquered can or a can with unreliable coating integrity could result in corrosion,... [Read More]

Apr 15, 2020
Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol introduces THE DUAL® mini, designed for personal care products Germany-based Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol (T&DA) has introduced THE DUAL® mini, a slimmed-down version of its award-winning packaging used in the successful launch of Revlon’s Root EraseTM and JUSTPUSHTM hair colour in the US and Asia. Just like THE DUAL, the mini enables... [Read More]

Apr 6, 2020
Digital packaging decoration: specifically developed technology or adaptation of an existing one? We live in a dynamic world where constant change is the norm. This reality requires continuous technological innovations to enable it. In many aspects of our lives, digital solutions answer this growing need, replacing lengthy, cumbersome processes with agile, quicker... [Read More]

Mar 27, 2020
Precise Packaging explains how consumer demand for CBD oil is driving a new generation of aerosol personal care products There’s a shift among today’s consumers to view the products they use as a lifestyle or health choice, so broader wellness trends are increasingly making their way into the personal care aisles. To meet these consumer expectations, cannabidiol,... [Read More]

Mar 11, 2020
Aerosol manufacturing company Coster has reimagined the humble actuator to create a unique, eye-catching, personalised design for customers Aerosol manufacturing firm Coster has found a new way of creating the aerosol actuator, where personalisation takes centre-stage. Coster set out to give its clients the freedom to choose the aesthetic effect of the actuator, without... [Read More]

Mar 5, 2020
Ewa Kubis-Jarzec, head of research and development at Jago Pro, discusses developments in aerosol tanning products, make-up and sustainability goals Since 1993, Polish aerosol company Jago Pro has developed an impressive range of products and solutions. In addition to providing simple aerosol products such as deodorants, hairspray and air fresheners, the firm has implemented... [Read More]

Feb 26, 2020
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a new ruling categorising aerosol cans as Universal Waste in a bid to boost recycling. World Aerosols asked Mike MacKay of DeSpray Environmental and Gary Okey of Recycle Aerosol to share their thoughts on the ruling and how it will impact the aerosol sector. Image: Mike MacKay, DeSpray Environmental Up... [Read More]

Feb 20, 2020
We’ve heard about aluminium, steel and plastic aerosols; but what about biomass? Farrag Packaging founder Gary Hawthorne introduces the biomass aerosol can. Farrag Packaging is an aerosol valve and custom closure supplier with over 15 years’ experience in supply from China, Vietnam, Japan and Korea to Europe, the US and Latin America. We are a company that has... [Read More]

Jan 27, 2020
Aerosolex is the first manufacturer in Russia of 99.999% pure dimethyl ether (DME) Propelan. World Aerosols caught up with Dmitry Varshaver to find out more about the propellant, how it is used in aerosols and the company’s plans for 2020. Could you tell us about yourself and your role at Aerosolex? I am the business development director and my role encompasses... [Read More]

Dec 10, 2019
Jim McBride, CEO and co-founder of MBC Aerosol, discusses the evolution of bag-on-valve systems and future innovation Bag-on-valve (BoV) technology has revolutionised the aerosol industry. Offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional aerosols, BoV swept through the sector, providing greater opportunities for innovation in design and product use. World Aerosols... [Read More]

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