Nov 23, 2022
The time is now: reformulating hairspray for regulatory compliance
Nov 9, 2022
Lorne Lucree, chief innovation officer at Voyant Beauty, reminisces on his favourite aerosol development project - and explains how it went "viral" My favourite aerosol hair product I have developed has to be the IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam, which launched in 2018. For background, IGK is a haircare line founded by four celebrity hair stylists that launched in 2016... [Read More]

Oct 16, 2022
A recent report from the US Institute for Supply Management (ISM) showed the US manufacturing sector continued to grow in July, but that the pace of growth was dampened by lower demand. The ISM’s manufacturing index dipped to 52.8%, just two-tenths below June. However, this was the lowest level since June 2020 – during the pandemic downturn. "The US manufacturing... [Read More]

Sep 26, 2022
Michal Kubik, business development director and Katarzyna Medwedź, packaging and raw materials specialist at JagoPro Poland, ponder where the aerosol market will go from here. Thinking about where aerosols as a product group are heading from the perspective of a company that is based on aerosol filling services and the broader development of aerosol and related products,... [Read More]

Sep 24, 2022
Nicholas Georges, senior vice president, scientific & international affairs of the Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA), gives an update on incoming regulations in the US. For more than 30 years, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has regulated the volatile organic compound (VOC) content of consumer and commercial products as part... [Read More]

Sep 13, 2022
Despite the “end of the tunnel for the Covid 19 pandemic” being in sight, Urs Hauser, the European Aerosol Federation (FEA) president, pointed to other “key challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation” as “existential threats to Europe; addressing them should not be delayed.” He emphasised that the EU recovery will be “accompanied by... [Read More]

Sep 12, 2022
The European Aerosol Federation's (FEA) flagship Aerosol Today makes its in-person return in September 2022. The FEA is organising the Aerosol Today conference during FEAerosol2022 on 21 and 22 September in Lisbon, Portugal - with the FEA Global Aerosol Awards taking place on the evening of 21 September. It brings together high-level aerosol packaging expertise from... [Read More]

Sep 11, 2022
European Aerosol Federation (FEA) secretary general Alain D'Haese spoke to World Aerosols about the circular economy, the importance of in-person events and the Aerosol Today format going forward. Sustainability and reusable packaging form an important part of the programme at Aerosol Today 2022. Do you see the aerosol industry's future in the circular economy and sustainability? "Definitely... [Read More]

Aug 15, 2022
R.A Jones, a leader in the aerosol packaging equipment market, shares five ways that brands can adapt to challenging economic conditions and speed up time to market. Before an aerosol can reaches a customer’s bathroom or kitchen cabinet, it must go through a rigorous process of conception to production to distribution. From hairspray to whipped cream, disinfectant... [Read More]

Aug 14, 2022
Industrial equipment specialist Sencon has expressed the importance of reducing inefficiencies within a fragile post-pandemic global economy. Coating problems in two-piece can-making can have major implications on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of a can-making plant, according to the firm. It is not uncommon for plants to hold multiple pallets of finished beverage... [Read More]

Aug 1, 2022
The French aerosol industry remains in a strong position in Europe, but the CFA says there are "significant declines". With nearly 60 members, the CFA (Comité Français des Aérosols) is the Professional Association which represents all professionals in the ‘aerosol generator’ sector, from design to recycling: conditioners, brand owners (those who control the design... [Read More]

Jul 21, 2022
Aluconsult talks to us about sustainable packaging solutions in the field of aluminium aerosol cans and aluminium collapsible tubes The terms sustainability, recycling (PCR and PIR) and carbon footprint characterise the discussions about the future of many areas of life today, and the packaging industry is no exception. Here, we take a look at aluminium aerosol cans... [Read More]

Jul 18, 2022
Tom Giddings discusses the findings of a recent study into the UK’s aerosol recycling rate Tom Giddings, executive director of the aluminium packaging recycling organisation (Alupro), explains why education, collection consistency and investment in infrastructure are all essential to further increase our national recycling rates. Earlier this year, Alupro undertook... [Read More]

May 3, 2022
Steven Hunt, president of dangerous goods consulting company ShipMate, explains the process of filing Special Permit applications with the US Department of Transportation for aerosol manufacturers. I recently filed two Special Permit applications with the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Special... [Read More]

Apr 25, 2022
Formulated Solutions discusses the benefits of aerosol foams and other ‘whipped’ dispensing technologies.   Pressurised package dispensing has commonly been the first choice for the convenient, touch-free application of topical pharmaceutical preparations. Aerosol foams, along with other innovative ‘whipped’ dispensing technologies such as Formulated Solutions’s... [Read More]

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