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Jul 3, 2020
Honeywell Solstice Propellant used in new disinfectant aerosol
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Jun 29, 2020
Unilever has teamed up with German aerosol can manufacturer Tubex to develop its eco-friendly antiperspirant, Rexona Recycled Refreshed. The Rexona aerosol can is made of a patented aluminium alloy and 25% real post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. The use of alloy and a slight change of shape makes Rexona Recycled Refreshed 14% lighter than its predecessor. The significant... [Read More]

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Jun 19, 2020
Nussbaum Matzingen, a manufacturer of aluminium monobloc cans, has launched an aerosol can made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminium. The firm claims it is the first of its kind containing no primary aluminium at all. The starting material used is mono-material aluminium scrap from consumer goods returned to the collection points for recycling. The collected... [Read More]

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May 6, 2020
Florida, US-based Doctors Kline+Green has launched two new FDA-compliant aerosol hand sanitisers. One is a bag-on-valve spray and the other is an aerosol foam product. The consumer healthcare products company Formulated Solutions supported the development and commercialisation of the new Doctors Kline+Green hand sanitiser products in support of those who are on the... [Read More]

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Apr 22, 2020
A new aerosol hand sanitiser has been launched by California, US-based Starco Brands. Through its consumer brand Breathe®, the organisation has filed a patent and commercialised the spray technology with a 75% alcohol solution. The product is a continuous-spray clean aerosol hand sanitiser utilising compressed air and nitrogen as a propellant, which comprises "approximately... [Read More]

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Mar 31, 2020
Sora Cosmetics, part of a group of Turkish companies including Sora Machine and Bebak, has developed a disinfectant aerosol spray to use on skin and surfaces. The Bebak disinfectant spray was designed to protect against viruses, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Sora Cosmetics, the product does not irritate the skin and can be used on all surface types. The... [Read More]

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Mar 5, 2020
Sweden-based companies Aurena Laboratories and Lipidor have launched a new disinfectant spray. Aurena Laboratories, which specialises in bag-on-valve medical devices, partnered with Lipidor to offer the new alcohol-based Skin Disinfection Spray to customers across the globe. In light of the recent outbreak of Covid-19 or Coronavirus, the companies have decided to accelerate... [Read More]

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Mar 2, 2020
Aerosol and dispensing firm LINDAL Group has launched an ‘innovative and sustainable’ new platform. Unveiled at ADF Paris in January 2020, the Mini Engine Platform incorporates new actuator designs made from post-consumer resin (PCR) - a material produced using recycled waste. It separates a standard one-piece actuator into two parts: an outer body made from 100%... [Read More]

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Feb 25, 2020
Procter & Gamble (P&G) has launched Microban 24, a new brand of antibacterial home sanitising products, including an aerosol spray, to keep surfaces protected against bacteria for up to 24 hours. According to the company, Microban 24 kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact but also keeps working throughout the day. Bacteria can survive on surfaces anywhere from several... [Read More]

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Feb 20, 2020
Italy-based Cosmosol has partnered with UK-based Salvalco to trial its ‘revolutionary’ Eco-Valve technology. The two companies will work towards providing a solution for customers, developing zero-volatile organic compound (VOC) emission bulk formulas alongside new packaging to replace existing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) butane valves with Eco-Valve. Salvalvo’s... [Read More]

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Feb 3, 2020
German aerosol can manufacturer Tubex has won two awards at the ADF&PCD and PLD event, which took place in Paris, France at the end of January 2020. Unilever’s Dove Men & Care aerosol can, which was manufactured by Tubex, won the ADF Sustainability Award at the event. The can is manufactured with a patented alloy slug, and its weight reduction is nearly 20%... [Read More]

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Dec 4, 2019
German aerosol can manufacturer Tubex has scooped two WorldStar awards. The awards, organised by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), celebrate innovations in packaging design and technology. According to the WPO, WorldStars are given “based on the judges’ consensus that a pack is superior in its category and market and better in its class in execution or innovation... [Read More]

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Nov 11, 2019
Aptar Beauty + Home has launched its ‘newest edition of innovation’, Apollo, a two-in-one dispensing aerosol actuator giving consumers greater flexibility of choice in how they use the product. The company received a 2019 ADF Innovation Award for its use of the Apollo actuator in combination with MONAT’s Studio One Strong Flexi-Hold Hairspray. The technology allows... [Read More]

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Nov 6, 2019
Multinational engineering and steel production firm thyssenkrupp has launched brand new features for its packaging app. The new additions to the Packaging Steel App, which was initially launched in 2016, provide users with even more digital information about tinplate and its use as a packaging material. Version 3.1, which is available now, includes interactive conversions... [Read More]

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Nov 1, 2019
The International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) has announced the winners of its 2019 World Aluminium Aerosol Can Awards. The panel, formed of ten specialist journalists, chose a winner in two categories: cans already on the market and prototypes. The winner in the category of aluminium cans already on the market was Coombs Family... [Read More]

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Oct 28, 2019
Global packaging firm Ball Corporation has announced plans to build its first dedicated aluminium cups manufacturing facility in Georgia, US. The company hopes to serve the growing demand for innovative and sustainable beverage packaging in the US. The new facility will be built adjacent to Ball’s existing aluminium beverage can manufacturing plant and is expected... [Read More]

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