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A closer look at LINDAL Group’s 3D Aerosol Configurator, created to open up the world of packaging design to its customers.

With its recently launched 3D Aerosol Configurator, LINDAL Group has revealed plans to change the packaging design process for the better. To further understand the tool, how it features in the company’s global strategy, and gain customers’ views with pre-launch access, World Aerosols spoke to Kashif Choudhry, LINDAL’s head of marketing, Federica Naso, head of sustainability and innovation at Cosmosol, and Adrian McCretton, chief scientist at kdc/one-Swallowfield.

What is the 3D Aerosol Configurator?

Choudhry, LINDAL: The configurator is an online tool that allows users to create a complete aerosol packaging concept in 3D within one minute. Users have access to LINDAL’s full range of actuators, including various spray and overcap options. They can combine the actuator with the most commonly used aerosol can types, customise the colours and apply their branding artwork on the can to instantly visualise the final packaging. Users...

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