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May 22, 2020
HCPA and US Vice President Mike Pence’s staff discuss COVID-19 response
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Apr 21, 2020
The British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association (BAMA) has received an urgent request from the UK Government to help evaluate whether and how to relax COVID-19 measures for businesses. Feedback on measures such as social distancing and other restrictions is required by 10am on 22 April. All aerosol companies are welcome to submit feedback to BAMA, even if they are not... [Read More]

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Mar 11, 2020
The Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL) has welcomed the European Union (EU) Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) 2.0, published on 11 March. The CEAP put forward presents measures to: make sustainable products the norm in the EU, ensuring they are designed to last longer, be easier to reuse, repair and recycle; empower consumers to help... [Read More]

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Feb 26, 2020
Six large retailers have been fined by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for violations of air quality regulations limiting smog-forming chemicals found in a range of household products including air fresheners, general-purpose cleaners and multipurpose lubricants. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are an important component of the chemical mixture that turns... [Read More]

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Dec 3, 2019
US President Donald Trump has announced, via Twitter, that he will be restoring tariffs on all steel and aluminium currently shipped to the US from Brazil and Argentina. In a tweet posted on the morning of 2 December, President Trump states that Brazil and Argentina “have been presiding over a massive devaluation of their currencies” which is “not good for our farmers”. He... [Read More]

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Nov 22, 2019
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalised a ‘streamlined system’ for managing hazardous waste aerosol cans. The EPA estimates that the rule, which will ease regulatory burdens on establishments and promote the collection and recycling of aerosol cans, will save between $5.3 million (€4.7 million) and $47.8 million (€43.2 million) annually in regulatory... [Read More]

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Sep 25, 2019
Global consumer goods manufacturer Procter & Gamble has announced that it has joined the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) Scheme. The firm explained this was a big step towards giving people 'simple, consistent and recognisable recycling guidance' as its research shows almost every UK home owns at least four P&G products. According to a report by LetsRecycle,... [Read More]

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Sep 18, 2019
Overall aerosol unit production reached 5.5 billion in 2018, according to figures reported by the European Aerosol Federation (FEA). The organisation revealed this reflects a slight decrease from 2015 to 2017 production numbers. The results showed the UK, Germany and France provide more than 60% of the annual aerosol production in Europe in all areas. Together with... [Read More]

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Aug 21, 2019
German industrial engineering and steel production conglomerate thyssenkrupp’s climate targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). The SBTi has also confirmed that thyssenkrupp is acting in line with the goals of the 2015 Paris climate conference. The SBTi is a collaboration between the Carbon Disclosure Project, the United Nations Global... [Read More]

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Jul 4, 2019
In June, the Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) sent a redlined document to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Air Pollution Control Division (Division) on their proposed rulemaking to adopt volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations on consumer products. This document clearly highlights extensive HCPA revisions and recommendations... [Read More]

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Jun 18, 2019
The European Commission has adopted an amendment to REACH Annex XVII which imposes a restriction on (3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,8-tridecafluorooctyl) silanetriol and any of its mono-, di- or tri-O-(alkyl) derivatives (TDFAs) in spray products. The substance must not be used in the products, such as aerosol dispensers and pump sprays, supplied to the general public after 2... [Read More]

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Jun 7, 2019
2018 was the year for the Household and Commercial Products Association, the HCPA, to rebrand and relaunch; a year for the Association and its members to put down roots with which to grow in the coming years The HCPA 2018 Annual Report reflects the voice of the Association in the context of an industry that is constantly evolving, and quickly. Add to this that the member... [Read More]

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May 13, 2019
The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) hosted more than 400 attendees for its mid-year meeting IMPACT 2019, at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC from 1 to 3 May, 2019. As part of the program, attendees met with approximately 40 offices in the US Senate and House of Representatives for the second annual HCPA Capitol Hill Day. “The HCPA Mid-Year... [Read More]

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Aug 31, 2018
The association, which represents the complete PET value chain in Europe, raises awareness of plastic aerosol recycling. Industry players in the aerosols market are preparing for a potential regulation extension in 2020, as the Aerosol Dispenser Directive (ADD) may allow plastic aerosols above 220 ml to enter the European marketplace. A group initiative Ahead of this... [Read More]