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Peter Watmough, technical manager at the British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association, speaks exclusively to World Aerosols.

Where were you educated, and what was your first job? ย 

I did my A-Levels in Grimsby, UK, and then went on to do a part-time degree in Hull. I specialised in Biochemistry and Ecology.

My first job was helping in the traffic census that eventually got the M180 road built. I had to stop vehicles and ask them a series of questions. I then heard that Osmond Aerosols were looking for a QC operative, but when I was interviewed, they were also looking for a chemical analyst and I got the job there and then.

What interested you about becoming involved in the aerosol industry?

As I said above, I was originally an analyst, checking the base product for Osmond Aerosols, but soon became fascinated with the technology and moved into product development. The way that all the components, namely valve technology, formulation, and propellants interacted to produce such a wide range of products meant that no two days were the same.

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