Apparent stability masking significant declines for French aerosol industry

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The French aerosol industry remains in a strong position in Europe, but the CFA says there are "significant declines".

With nearly 60 members, the CFA (Comité Français des Aérosols) is the Professional Association which represents all professionals in the ‘aerosol generator’ sector, from design to recycling: conditioners, brand owners (those who control the design of the container), suppliers of components, products, raw materials, technologies or services.

Since 1958, the CFA has been the interlocutor of the various French institutions for all questions relating to aerosol generators.

The CFA is one of the founding members of the FEA (European Aerosol Federation); it actively participates in all work concerning the evolution of the Aerosols Directive 75/324 EEC (the ADD), with respect for the environment and consumer safety.

In its latest report, the CFA says: “The total volume of aerosols filled in 2021, all categories included, remains stable with 646 million units produced in France compared to 647 million units in 2020.

“As in 2020, the 2021 filling activity reflects the impact of the health...

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