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Dawn Stephens-Borg discusses the highlights of the BAMA Forum & Awards 2021.

What a joy it was to be back at an in-person event in October. After so long spent in lockdown, it was a wonderful feeling to be sat with my fellow colleagues in the beautiful Carden Park in Cheshire. Lanyards on, fuelled with tea, coffee, and some delicious food, everyone took their places in the conference room to kick off the BAMA Forum & Awards 2021.

This year felt particularly special for me, as I had been invited to judge the BAMA Awards alongside ThePackHub’s Paul Jenkins and Grace Abamba, product safety and quality assurance consultant, cosmetic scientist, and educator, so I was itching to watch everyone receive their awards and commendations for their amazing innovations and initiatives.

The afternoon started with a welcome from Patrick Heskins, in place of Tony Brealey, BAMA chairman, who unfortunately was unwell at the time (get well soon, Tony!) Heskins began by highlighting some ‘anniversary companions’ of BAMA, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Church & Dwight, formerly Carter Wallace, is...

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