Aerosol-dispensed alcoholic whipped cream Whipshots surpasses 1 million sales

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Starco Brands has announced that WhipshotsTM, the groundbreaking vodka-infused whipped cream, has surpassed the one-million-cans-sold mark. The alcoholic whipped cream launched onto the market in partnership with global artist Cardi B, and it the firm said it "has made its mark as a game-changing product in the industry in under one year".
Whipshots was released onto the market in December 2021, introduced as a one-of-a-kind product that "reimagines the celebratory experience". The company said that consumers have "discovered that Whipshots is a great accompaniment on everything from shots and cocktails to coffees and desserts and more, solidifying the boozy whipped cream as a versatile product perfect for creative consumption that enhances the consumer experience".
The product sold out in seconds in a limited release programme called the "Whip Drop", and first appeared on retail shelves in February. Whipshots has since expanded to 14 US states and carried by over 6,000 retailers in seven months.
"Reaching this milestone this quickly exceeds our internal projections. We are truly grateful and overwhelmed by the public's adoption and acceptance of our innovation."  said Ross Sklar, CEO of Starco Brands. "It's clear that Whipshots is more than a great-tasting product, this category creator is enhancing the celebratory experience for many people at a time when having fun has never been more important.  Our corporate goal and mission is to invent products that change behavior and Whipshots has clearly delivered.  We're excited for to reach this 1 million milestone and look forward for what's to come."

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