The many faces of aerosol filling

Kacper Klos, vice-president at Solmatic, discusses the company’s introduction to bag-on-valve, thinking outside the box and supporting customers in the fight against coronavirus

To some, the aerosol market may seem like an outdated and saturated one with not much having changed for the last decades. Despite its little, but stable annual quantitative growth, there is a lot happening in terms of quality and dynamics.

Now, with massive research and development (R&D) work taking place, aerosol can and valve producers are introducing new technologies that are more efficient and environmentally friendly. This fast development requires manufacturers of aerosol filling machinery to stay alert and continuously develop new solutions that respond to the increasing demands of the market.

Solmatic has been in the aerosol filling machinery market for almost 20 years, having supplied over 200 companies from 30 countries worldwide. We started with regular aerosol machines, but quickly entered bag-on-valve (BoV) and then perfume and liquid filling, too. We offer an entire range of filling machinery, starting with manual...

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