Biomass – the greener choice?

We’ve heard about aluminium, steel and plastic aerosols; but what about biomass? Farrag Packaging founder Gary Hawthorne introduces the biomass aerosol can.

Farrag Packaging is an aerosol valve and custom closure supplier with over 15 years’ experience in supply from China, Vietnam, Japan and Korea to Europe, the US and Latin America.

We are a company that has seriously embarked upon introducing green technology into the compressed air market, partnering with BM, a Rimini, Italy-based filler, with many years’ experience in green technology. The aerosol industry has for many years required some solvent-free, cost-effective packaging. As a result, we have used low volume carbon dioxide in solutions on some products with good results. 50ml and smaller volumes worked well when dispensing using a compressed air valve.

We then partnered with Italian can-maker Metal Press, and subsequently established a new company, Ecoplas Group. We are not only involved in aerosols, as we have a patented technology for the process to convert biomass to produce items such as pods for drink machines, baby powder and coffee machines, and disposable...

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