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Jun 8, 2022
Demand for aluminium aerosol cans down slightly in 2021
Household News
Jun 6, 2022
The Comité Français des Aérosols (CFA) has revealed there was a 5.9% drop in total aerosol filling in France in 2021. Personal Care increased in 2021 (end of the 2020 lockdown) but did not reach its 2019 level - personal care represented the largest segment of activity, with 23 percent of the total. But it added that a large amount of that activity is for... [Read More]

Household News
Jun 25, 2021
US aerosol container production increased by 3.6% in 2020 compared to 2019, the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) reported. The figures were published in the HCPA’s 2020 Aerosol Pressurised Products Survey. Now in its 70th year, the survey is designed to report on the unit production of aerosol products, valves, and containers in the US to provide... [Read More]

Product News
Jun 22, 2021
Stain Venom, a new spot and stain remover for water-safe carpets and rugs, has been introduced by New York-based Future-Living Enterprises. The new product is a water-based spot cleaner, suited to a range of common household stains, such as wine, coffee, and oil. Future-Living Enterprises said the product ‘puts professional-grade carpet and rug cleaning power into... [Read More]

Household News
Mar 23, 2020
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Andrew Wheeler has hosted a series of conference calls with household and consumer product organisations to accelerate the availability of disinfectant products. Wheeler spoke with members of the Household & Consumer Products Association (HCPA) and the Consumer Brands Association (CBA) to discuss the agency's... [Read More]

Household News
Mar 17, 2020
Household and commercial product manufacturers are working to prevent the spread of Covid-19, says the Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA). According to a statement by HCPA CEO Steve Caldeira, companies that manufacture disinfectant products are working hard to keep up with demand. He said: "The Environmental Protection Agency recently released a... [Read More]

Product News
Feb 25, 2020
Procter & Gamble (P&G) has launched Microban 24, a new brand of antibacterial home sanitising products, including an aerosol spray, to keep surfaces protected against bacteria for up to 24 hours. According to the company, Microban 24 kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact but also keeps working throughout the day. Bacteria can survive on surfaces anywhere from several... [Read More]

Household News
Feb 20, 2020
Air fresheners may help to ‘mitigate the harm caused by indoor malodours’, according to a study published by Atmosphere, an international peer-to-peer journal. Following its publication, the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) released a statement about the study, which highlights the ‘importance’ of air fresheners. According to the HCPA,... [Read More]

Household News
Feb 19, 2020
Unilever has announced its 2019 results, showing sales growth of 2.9% led by its emerging market business, which grew 5.3%, and its home care division, which grew 6.1%. According to the results, the company’s underlying sales grew 2.9% with 1.2% from volume and 1.6% from price. Its growth was largely due to a strong performance in the home care sector. Its emerging... [Read More]

Household News
Feb 5, 2020
Indian household insecticide manufacturer Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) has teamed up with industry body Home Insect Control Association (HICA) to promote safe disposal of plastic derived from insecticide products, including like liquid vapourisers and aerosols. The initiative was inaugurated by Sunil Kataria CEO for India & SAARC at GCPL and Jayant Deshpande,... [Read More]

Other News
Oct 14, 2019
More than 55% of people in north-west England do not recycle correctly because they are confused by the rules, research shows. The survey by Confused.com found that although people want to recycle, more than a third of adults ‘improvise’, despite not fully understanding recycling rules. The survey showed more than 57% of people across the UK put polystyrene in with... [Read More]

Household News
May 14, 2019
Eight people are suing Conagra, the maker of Pam and other cooking sprays, because they say the cans exploded and severely burned and disfigured them, reports USA Today. The half a dozen lawsuits, filed in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago, allege that Conagra designed and produced cooking-spray cans that were defective, especially when close to kitchen heat sources... [Read More]

Household News
May 10, 2019
In an exclusive partnership with the event, The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) will organise and support the entire programme on Day 1 of the ADF Conference. The Aerosol & Dispensing Forum (ADF) and Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design’s (PCD) New York event will be entering its 4th year as North America’s... [Read More]

Household News
Mar 22, 2019
Recently announced, the HCPA joined the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Air Quality Division stakeholders’ conference call to discuss comments received through their stakeholder engagement process. The Division is expected to present a proposed regulation at the Commission’s April 18 meeting to adopt volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations... [Read More]

Household News
Mar 21, 2019
The HCPA has reported filing comments with the California Air Resources Board, CARB, regarding their draft summary of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Consumer & Commercial Products Survey data. With Air Quality Committee members, Staff at the HCPA staff reviewed the draft summary data and supplemental materials. The summary provided detailed information about product sales... [Read More]

Household News
Oct 31, 2018
Major consumer goods company RB (Reckitt Benckiser) has signed up to the New Plastics Economy Initiative, a circular economy scheme for plastics led by the Ellen MacArthur foundation and WRAP’s UK Plastics Pact. RB has a number of brands distributed in aerosols for the household sector, including the Cillit Bang cleaning range and the Air Wick selection of air fresheners. Back... [Read More]

Household News
Sep 12, 2018
The Canadian-headquartered packaging provider unveils its patented airless packaging, featuring a twist open/concealed nozzle. APR Packaging exhibited its patented solution at the recent ADF & PCD New York 2018 event, for the aerosol and dispensing industry.   How does it work? APR Packaging has created a patented twist open/concealed nozzle airless package. In... [Read More]

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