Aerosol cans amongst items confusing UK recyclers, survey reveals

More than 55% of people in north-west England do not recycle correctly because they are confused by the rules, research shows. The survey by Confused.com found that although people want to recycle, more than a third of adults ‘improvise’, despite not fully understanding recycling rules.

The survey showed more than 57% of people across the UK put polystyrene in with their recycling, although it is not recyclable. Among the items causing the most confusion in north-west UK households were crisp packets, aerosol cans, pizza boxes, coffee cups and kitchen roll. According to a report by Rochdale Online, aerosol cans and aluminium foil can be recycled in the borough. Clean pizza boxes and receipts are accepted in the paper and card recycling bin.

Councillor Neil Emmott, cabinet member for environment at Rochdale Borough Council, said: “Our residents have helped us make great improvements so that we currently recycle over 50% of household waste collected.

“In our borough and across Greater Manchester, residents can recycle all types of plastic bottles because the plastics are readily recycled in the UK and Europe. The market for other types of plastic such as pots, tubs and trays is not as strong and they are, unfortunately, harder to recycle.”

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