Bringing style to actuator design

Aerosol manufacturing company Coster has reimagined the humble actuator to create a unique, eye-catching, personalised design for customers

Aerosol manufacturing firm Coster has found a new way of creating the aerosol actuator, where personalisation takes centre-stage. Coster set out to give its clients the freedom to choose the aesthetic effect of the actuator, without the need to invest in dedicated equipment.

The eye-catching actuator, a product of several years of hard work and innovation on Coster’s part, has not gone unnoticed. The textured-effect actuator scooped up a coveted BAMA Award in 2019. With a wealth of innovation taking place across the aerosol sector, why choose to spice-up the actuator? “Actuators are currently customisable either through colour or custom shapes,” said Mr. Damiano Marsilli, group commercial director at Coster. “We wanted to differentiate and introduce a third element, which is the customisation of the surface. This adds a sensorial element, on top of the visual and geometric one, giving it a strong and unique character.”

The actuator certainly stands out. Coster’s new approach...

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