Starco Brands announces $45m public offering

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Starco Brands has launched equity financing of up to $45 million (€39.9 million), also known as a public offering, allowing any individual over 18 years of age to invest in the company through the purchase of freely tradable common stock.

Starco Brands’ mission is to create ‘cutting-edge, behaviour-changing brands’ and this innovative method of capital raising reflects the firm’s ‘culture of disruption’, by providing its customer base and community a chance to invest directly.

“I’ve often been asked why we chose this type of public offering,” said Ross Sklar, CEO of Starco Brands. “We hold our relationship with our customers and community in high regard and strive for a deep connection where our financial interests are aligned. We believe our customers, vendors, influencers, brand evangelists and community as a whole should be entitled to own stock and participate in potential wealth creation over the long term.”

Starco Brands has produced several innovative aerosol products, including Breathe, the only aerosol cleaning line approved by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice programme, and, more recently, Whipshots. Developed in partnership with global artist Cardi B, Whipshots is a vodka-infused whipped cream, set to disrupt the drinks industry.

Anthony Scaramucci, CEO of the $7 billion (€6.2 billion) hedge fund Sky Bridge Capital, and advisor to the company, said: “I’ve been impressed with their unique ability to pair ground-breaking products with a disruptive approach to marketing to drive global awareness.

“This public offering is a further indication of the company’s ability to stay one step ahead of consumer trends as it’s very in tune with today’s engaged, savvy and digitally-native retail investor.”

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