Plastipak releases new aerosol bottle sizes

As it focuses on the next-generation of its lightweight PET aerosol bottle range, Plastipak is expanding its commercial collection of SprayPet products from 100ml, 220ml and 335ml sizes to include the larger 600 ml and 800 ml variations.


Production demands

Contemporary producers are seeking accessible products that meet larger format packaging needs, Kurt Wolschleger, Category Manager at Plastipak said in a recent press release.

In a bid to respond to consumer demands, the company has taken its first step in building upon its existing, standard format portfolio by releasing the 600ml and 800ml SprayPet versions of the bottle.

Taking the SprayPet collection to a total of five varieties once complete, the brand’s new bottles will be fully compliant with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and Plastic Aerosol Research Group (PARG) voluntary test methods.


Regulating safe use of plastic aerosols

The PARG sits under the umbrella of the Household and Commercial Products Association, formerly the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA). It was first established to encourage the safe and proper implementation and usage of plastic aerosols in the US.

PARG communicates with other industry bodies to ensure all appropriate and recommended safety and performance requirements have been adhered to.


Fit for industry

Along with base cup and straight wall design features, PlastiPak is currently assessing the potential to directly fill the bottles with dip tube and bag on valve actuators to maximise their applications in a range of industries.

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