Jamaicans urged to use aerosol spray amid dengue fever outbreak

A medical officer in Jamaica is urging citizens to use aerosol sprays to protect themselves from mosquitoes amid an outbreak of dengue fever.

Dr Marcia Graham, medical officer of health for Westmoreland, is urging people not to take non-paracetamol-based medication if they suspect they have contracted dengue fever, as it may cause bleeding. While addressing the monthly meeting of the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation in Savanna-la-Mar on 9 January, Dr Graham advised that if a person contracts dengue fever they should use paracetamol-based medication until it is confirmed otherwise.

Dr Graham urged people to use indoor aerosol sprays to protect themselves. She said: “Whatever spray you use to kill insects around your houses, we are asking you to, on a regular basis, spray either early morning or in the evening when the mosquitoes are more active.

“However, if you have to stay at home, you may use a damp handkerchief or rag to cover your nose, so you do not suffer adverse health effects from indoor aerosol spray while reducing the mosquito population in your house.”

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