Coster publishes 2020 Sustainability Report

Coster has published its fourth Sustainability Report, highlighting the extensive work the company is undertaking to implement green initiatives.

Coster used the pandemic as a push to boost its efforts in sustainability. The report, prepared in compliance with GRI standards, presents the various initiatives, KPIs and targets which are important for the group in terms of sustainability and ethical market standards.

In 2020, Coster became a signatory of Ellen MacArthur’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, tackling the challenge of turning the circular economy model into reality. Additionally, Coster was recognised with a Platinum Medal based on EcoVadis CSR rating which places the company among the top 1% of the firms assessed by EcoVadis.

“Nowadays, innovation and sustainability are two inseparable concepts that go hand in hand – one can no longer survive without the other,” said Andrea Raineri, innovation and sustainability director at Coster.

“Coster’s commitments and initiatives outlined in the 2020 report look towards the future, answering to the question of how Coster of tomorrow aims to be, to re-think our products and the way to reuse them, such as today’s innovation preserves the environment and lifestyle of tomorrow and of the generations to come.”

Coster extended the use of PCR resins throughout its product portfolio, making it available to the vast majority of its product range. CosterEco, a new system designed to optimise the spray performances with compressed gases, allows customers to transition from liquefied to compressed air, without compromising on functionality.

Another example of sustainable innovation is Coster’s GloveOn, winner of the European Aerosol Federation’s Global Aerosol Awards 2020 and the BCCI Business Excellence Award 2020. With its ‘disrupting and innovative’ formula, combined with specifically designed components, Glove-On creates an invisible barrier on the hands protecting and also disinfects them, preventing the use of plastic gloves.

Many more projects are in the pipeline, with a focus on recyclability, said Coster. During the year, Coster also successfully transitioned all its European plants to the consumption of 100% green energy, for example, energy coming from renewable sources.

The company said it is ‘extremely proud’ to be certified with #ISO26000 for social responsibility and #ISO020400 for sustainable procurement in compliance with the sustainable model adopted by the group.

Coster is also supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has selected six SDGs that mainly focus the core interest of its sustainability areas. The Sustainability Report also gives a brief insight into work done by Coster adhering to the objectives identified in the internationally agreed 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In 2021, the group promises to continue its sustainability journey, setting new, ambitious targets. Among many new initiatives, special attention will be given to a broad social responsibility programme that will be launched this year.

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