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A closer look at CosterEco, Coster’s recent innovation designed to improve the performance of environmentally-friendly compressed gases.

Making aerosols more sustainable is one of the industry’s top priorities in 2021. Whether that be through reducing the weight of the can or reducing material mixes to make containers easier to recycle, ‘sustainability’ is the word on everyone’s lips.

For Coster, reducing harmful propellants was the driving force behind its latest innovation, CosterEco. The device offers customers a way to dispense products in an environmentally friendly, yet cost-effective way, without compromising on performance.

When researching CosterEco, the company initially sought to explore the differences between compressed gases versus liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) propellants. While compressed gases are cost-effective, sustainable, and safe propellants for aerosols, in terms of spray performance, they behave differently than traditional LPG-based propellants.

Coster highlighted that while LPG offers stable pressure and a constant spray performance during the emptying of the...

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