FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2020 winners announced

The FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2020 winners have been announced.

Despite the challenges surrounding COVID-19, the awards went ahead and, according to the European Aerosol Federation, the entries celebrated the “genius, creativity, and technical excellence” of the aerosol industry.

Suppliers, fillers, brand owners, and retailers were encouraged to enter their innovative aerosol products launched between July 2018 and June 2020. On 5 November, the jury panel of the FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2020 chose the following winners:

Category: Innovative Product

Winner: L’Oreal – Ushuaia

Ushuaia, a range of compressed PET aerosols, was created in collaboration with ALPLA, Coster, and CCL Europe, launched in July 2019. The packaging is transparent so that the consumer can see the formula, reinforcing trust between brand and consumer, and allows the consumer to check the level of product.

The jury said: “L’Oreal clearly demonstrates a full innovative concept combining for the first time the ‘compressed’ format and a transparent PET aerosol container, ensuring good differentiation on shelves and ergonomics during use."

Category: Packaging Element Design

Winner: LINDAL – BAB

Lindal’s bag-and-bag (BAB) system uses a centralised Bi-Power Valve instead of two separate stems. This provides a key differentiator, as cans do not need to be oriented during filling, eliminating the need for additional lines. According to the FEA, consumers also benefit because the centred stem allows a more equal distribution of the two formulas as, during use, pressure is applied more evenly, resulting in improved end-user results and confidence. The solution accommodates sprays or creams dispensed in two streams and mixed after dispensing, perfect for hair highlighting and dyeing.

The jury said: “The Lindal BAB technology is very complex. Two incompatible formulations can be quickly filled through a centred Bi-Power Valve instead of two separate stems. The flow limitation is managed in the actuator, and not in the valve. It can work with any container material, but formulations could look very stylish and futuristic in transparent containers.”

Category: Product Design

Winner: Aerosol Service – Actuo

Actuo is the first aerosol actuator that can be easily operated using only one hand – without having to hold the aerosol can. Its unique design makes product application easier and helps to keep the product clean and more hygienic. Actuo fits almost any size can and can be used for a range of products in the form of mousse, foam, or gel.

The jury said: “Actuo showcases a nice and modern design which allows it to actuate a variety of products in the form of mousse, foam, or gel, in a new movement using one hand, without fingers or palm contact. It combines differentiation, hygiene, and user’s new experience.”


Category: Prototype

Winner: Coster – GloveOn

This product was designed to create and apply a temporary, removable film on the skin that both disinfects and shields hands from the outer environment. The consumer applies the mousse to their hands and distributes it evenly until it dries (approximately 20 seconds). The mousse instantly kills all germs and bacteria and the invisible film does not irritate the skin. To remove the ‘glove’, the user must wash their hands with soap.

The jury said: “Coster GloveOn demonstrates the industry adaptability to face societal challenges. It creates and applies a temporary and removable film on the skin that both disinfects and shields hands from the outer environment. Its use allows a decrease in plastic waste from gloves.”

Category: Sustainable Development Achievement

Winner: ABAS – Campaign ‘Alcohol 70° Aerosol for fight against COVID-19’

The Brazilian Association of Aerosols and Household Cleaning Products (ABAS) mobilised aerosol companies in Brazil to donate 100,000 units per month of an aerosol surface sanitiser to hospitals in the Brazilian public health system. The sanitiser, Alcohol 70° Aerosol, is a sanitising aerosol that is very easy to manufacture in small plants in Brazil. In total, 32 small and large businesses mobilised within a few weeks and united Brazil’s aerosol sector.

The jury said: “We are delighted to award ABAS for its action supporting communities in Brazil. The social pillar of the Sustainable Development is as important as the environment and the economic pillars.

“The jury also wants to dedicate this award to the entire aerosol industry globally which helped, and continue to help, their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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