Virtual FEAerosol to return in September

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The European Aerosol Federation (FEA) will run the second edition of its Virtual FEAerosol event on 23 September.

The Virtual FEAerosol2020 event welcomed more than 500 aerosol packaging experts – supply chain, fillers, brand owners, and researchers – to meet and share knowledge, expertise, and experience.

The Aerosol Today conference programme included pre-recorded and live presentations to get access to up-to-date, unique, and high-quality content in the field of innovation, aerosol packaging and technology at a global level, and outline possible scenarios of its development.

Attendees were also invited to take part in ‘Food for Brains’ sessions, led by world-class speakers, leading thinkers and innovators to investigate new perspectives and challenges of the aerosol dispenser’s technology.

In addition to Virtual FEAerosol2021, the much anticipated FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2021 will be celebrated in November, recognising the genius, creativity, and technical excellence of the aerosol industry.

In 2020, LINDAL Group, L’Oreal, Aerosol Service, Coster, and the Brazilian Association of Aerosols and Household Cleaning Products (ABAS) were recognised in the awards.

Kashif Choudhry, global product marketing manager at Lindal, said at the time: “We are delighted that BAB has been recognised as the most innovative packaging element by the FEA.

“This award is testament to the great work that has been done by our team at our Global Innovation Centre in Briey, France.”

L’Oreal received an Innovative Product award for its range of PET aerosols created in collaboration with ALPLA, Coster, and CCL Europe. Oliver Farnault, dispensing and aerosol packaging expertise at L’Oreal, said the company was “proud” to receive the award following years of development.

“It is a team working success which has involved many internal L’Oreal teams but also external partners,” said Farnault. “We can pay homage to ALPLA for helping us with the PET bottle development, especially experience and expertise sharing, which have been key to finding a technical solution. We can also quote Coster for the valve and actuator, and CCL Label for the sleeve and sleeve process.”

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