Unilever’s Dove Men & Care aerosol wins economic efficiency award

Unilever’s Dove Men & Care has won the German Packaging Award 2019 in the economic efficiency category.

The award-winning aluminium aerosol can was created by the German can manufacturer Tubex. The company is known for its continuous development of sustainable and efficient packaging.

Dove Men & Care was manufactured using a new patented alloy for slugs, developed by Tubex and slug supplier Neuman Aluminium. The design's key attribute is that it has been designed with recyclability in mind. Another advantage is that the aerosol can weighs close to 20% less compared to standard cans. This was achieved by reducing the wall thickness and modifying the shape of the shoulder.

The German Packaging Awards 2019 website stated: “An essential factor in the development of consumer goods packaging materials is the resource-saving use of packaging material.

“All aspects of material use were considered very intensively in developing this aerosol. The shape, aluminium alloy, manufacturing process and the way empty cans are delivered during the filling process were so well coordinated that a total material saving of 19% could be achieved, compared to the currently marketed version.

“The jury was impressed by the consistent approach as well as the technological foresight of considering possible additions of aluminium from PCR material flows.”


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