German manufacturer launches fully-recyclable lightweight aluminium aerosol can

German aerosol can manufacturer Tubex has launched a new lightweight aluminium can, designed with sustainability in mind.

In 2018, Tubex and slug supplier Neuman Aluminium developed a patented slug for aluminium aerosol cans that weigh considerably less than standard aluminium cans. Tubex then focused on weight reduction as a priority.

The firm worked out that by reducing the wall thickness and shoulder shape of an existing aluminium aerosol can, they could lose 20% of the weight. The new aerosol container can also be fully recycled.

Leo Werdich, managing director at Tubex, said: “Beside the considerable weight reduction, the Neucan 3.1 slug allows the usage of real PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials as proven in first successful productions recently.”

The reduction of wall thickness makes the cans more vulnerable to dents during transportation. However, Tubex invested in layer wide packaging to ensure that the cans arrive at their destination in perfect shape.

The automatic packaging process of the new lightweight cans uses state-of-the-art cameras to check the cans and a robotic system places the cans onto the pallets. By using this method, the company claims that 15% more cans can be placed onto pallets and therefore 15% more pallets can fit on the truck and 15% less warehouse space is required. Tubex believes this will help to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions.



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