Unilever aerosols to be produced with Constellium aluminium solution

Unilever’s Dove antiperspirant aerosols will be produced using an aluminium solution provided by Constellium.

On 6 November, the Dutch company announced it would supply major Czech aerosol producer Moravia Cans with its Aeral solution. Moravia produces Unilever’s ‘award-winning’ Dove antiperspirant aerosols.

Constellium is a Netherlands headquartered, global company developing aluminium products for a range of industries.

The company’s Aeral solution has been designed for the production of aerosol containers using the Drawn and Wall Ironing (DWI) technology currently used to produce beverage cans. According to a Constellium statement, this technology allows up to 30% weight savings compared to many traditional impact extrusion containers while maintaining the same level of resistance to pressure and ductility.

“We are honoured to be the first to provide DWI technology for a Personal Care aerosol that offers a wide range of operational benefits, while meeting the pressure resistance and aesthetical requirements of a cosmetics company,” said Hervé Vichery, Customer Technical Support manager at Constellium.

 “Due to the flexibility and performance level of our product, we foresee a growing demand for Aeral among aerosol manufacturers.”

Aeral is the same alloy as used for beverage cans, which Constellium claims gives it improved recycling capabilities compared to ‘standard’ aerosol cans. This in turn allows companies to have more eco-friendly supply chains.

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