Distribution of World Aerosols during the Covid-19 outbreak

In light of the recent outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus), the World Aerosols team is thinking of all those affected by the virus. We understand that along with the impact on health, the virus is also causing major issues for industries and businesses.

We want to update our readers and advertisers on the plans for World Aerosols distribution over the next few months.

Firstly, please note that all editions of World Aerosols will be available to read online in case there might be any delays to distribution in certain countries. To view our latest March/April edition, please click here.

There are some changes to print distribution, due to the postponement of multiple industry events. We are currently planning to distribute World Aerosols at the following events:

January/February edition:

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Italy - 3-7 September

March/April edition:

BAMA Innovation Day, Leeds - 7 July

May/June edition:

BAMA Innovation Day, Leeds - 7 July

July/August edition:

European Aerosol Conference (EAC) 2020, Aachen, Germany - 30 August to 4 September

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Italy - 3-7 September

September/October edition:

FEA Aerosol 2020, Lisbon, Portugal - 23-24 September

Events beyond September are currently going ahead as planned. For the latest updates on aerosols events, please click here.

From all of us at World Aerosols, take care and stay safe!

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