Crown meets 2020 sustainability goals, announces next steps

Crown Holdings has issued an interim sustainability report to track its recent environmental, social and governance (ESG) accomplishments, and to offer insight into its future strategy.

Titled ‘Enduring Values, Continuous Progress’ the report highlights the completion of Crown’s first sustainability goals and its plan to raise the bar for future performance, based on the five pillars of action with the launch of its Twentyby30 programme.

The report shows Crown’s 2020 sustainability goals were fulfilled – and surpassed – ahead of schedule. The targets, focused on reducing GHG emissions and decreasing energy consumption, were set in 2016 against a 2015 baseline and scheduled for completion by 31 December last year. The company also exceeded its goal of 30% renewable electricity by the end of last year.

“We have always been committed to excellence in environmental sustainability, investing in employees, supporting our communities, and ensuring effective governance,” said Dr John Rost, vice-president of global sustainability and regulatory affairs at Crown.

“This report celebrates the incredible strides we have made in our sustainability journey thus far and shares our bold vision to accelerate our progress over the next decade.

“We are proud to share our achievements and look forward to making a more profound impact across the supply chain by continuing to innovate our products, working with our customers to reduce their footprint and expanding industry partnerships to advance the circular economy.”

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