May 14, 2024
Brazil anticipates aerosol growth again
May 2, 2024
Chas Aylsworth, director of strategy and business development for Trivium Packaging, delves into the company’s impressive sustainability innovations As director of strategy and business development for Trivium Packaging, Aylsworth leads the business development and strategy functions for the organisation, which he said provides significant latitude in creating meaningful... [Read More]

Apr 15, 2024
World Aerosols hears from Gary Okey, executive vice president at Recycle Aerosol – a pioneering company with some exciting projects up its sleeve Recyle Aerosol is based in Tennessee in the US, and has been recycling aerosols for about 35 years. When the organisation was formed, aerosol recycling was not a huge endeavour, according to Okey. It was just ‘one of those... [Read More]

Apr 4, 2024
COSMOS LAC is a boutique spray paint manufacturer based in Athens, Greece.Achilles Segos, co-owner and operations manager, tells World Aerosols more about the company. COSMOS LAC was founded in 1982 by Panayiotis Segos, who aimed to provide customers with an innovative, quick and affordable way to paint simple but also difficult surfaces. Paints in aerosol packaging was... [Read More]

Mar 18, 2024
Aerotek is an India-based company that is bringing innovative solutions to the sector. G Ravi Kumar, technical director, gives World Aerosols an overview of the company. Aerotek NxtGen Pvt Ltd is an innovative company focusing on the production of SPRAYLA cooking oil spray – an alternative to traditional liquid oil or butter. The spray oils are available in various... [Read More]

Feb 22, 2024
Rafael Alan Silveira is head of packaging development – R&D Hub LATAM at Beiersdorf. He informs World Aerosols of Beiersdorf’s focus on sustainability, and of the importance of collaborative endeavour Latin America is a very important market for Beiersdorf, Silveira told World Aerosols, because it is a region with 21 countries and approximately 650 million people. “In... [Read More]

Feb 8, 2024
Sanctuary Spa’s mousse-to-oil moisturiser won the New Aerosol of the Year category at the 2023 British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) Awards. Christina Gomes, senior product development manager at Sanctuary Spa, gives World Aerosols insight into the product’s journey to market Sanctuary Spa’s mousse-to-oil moisturiser is a lightweight foamed mousse... [Read More]

Jan 25, 2024
Last year, Brazil's aerosol association – Associação Brasileira de Aerossóis e Saneantes Domissanitários (ABAS) – appointed Alyne Freitas Silva as president for 2024/25. She reveals more to World Aerosols about her journey so far, and her focus for the organisation Beginning her career as a chemical engineer for Liquigás, Freitas Silva worked on implementing... [Read More]

Jan 11, 2024
For this feature, World Aerosols heard from some of the event’s speakers, to learn more about the innovations they will be discussing, and why the event is a valuable occasion for them and their organisations. ADF, part of Paris Packaging Week, has long been a considerable highlight in the aerosol sector’s calendar. World Aerosols has often heard from its expert contributors... [Read More]

Dec 18, 2023
The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) and the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) provided an update on the Aerosol Recycling Initiative’s first year, and next steps. World Aerosols reports. The Aerosol Recycling Initative was launched in May last year, with the support of almost 20 companies across the aerosol value chain. It aims to increase access... [Read More]

Dec 5, 2023
The British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) held its 2023 Forum & Awards this October, at Carden Park hotel in Cheshire, England. World Aerosols was privileged to attend, and provides its event highlights in this report. This publication has become accustomed to BAMA delivering an innovative and diverse programme of speakers, covering varied but always-relevant... [Read More]

Nov 23, 2023
Engr Arslan Ahmad, manager production & planning at Nimir Industrial Chemicals Ltd (NIMIR), speaks to World Aerosols about the company, his role, the aerosol industry in Pakistan and the road ahead. Nimir, established in 1964 and headquartered in Punjab, Pakistan, is a chemical manufacturing company. Since its formation it has evolved into a corporation of four companies,... [Read More]

Nov 2, 2023
Urszula Rosinska, sales director at ZIGLER POLSKA, tells World Aerosols about the company’s strategic direction, which has enabled it to adapt in a difficult economic climate. ZIGLER is a manufacturer of customised equipment and aerosol production lines for every industry (technical, household, cosmetic, food and pharma). The company offers production lines with capacities... [Read More]

Oct 13, 2023
In an exclusive joint interview, Jim McBride, founder of MBC Aerosol and Rob Budé, owner and managing director of Budé Group, tell World Aerosols about what sets their partnership apart. MBC Aerosol manufactures new aerosol and bag on valve filling machinery and furnishes complete production lines from start to finish. It was founded in 2008, at the height of... [Read More]

Sep 27, 2023
Earlier this year, Grand Tongo launched its Town & Jungle Protection insect repellent, utilising aluminium bottles from Trivium Packaging. World Aerosols speaks to the brand’s founder, as well as project partners from PLZ Corp and Trivium, to learn more. Grand Tongo is redefining the insect repellent category by making a traditionally nuisance product enjoyable,... [Read More]

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