Zevo enters official partnership with Major League Soccer

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Zevo On-Body has announced an official partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS).
As the League’s first official bug spray, Zevo On-Body provides up to eight hours of odourless, non-sticky protection from mosquitoes and ticks, according to brand owner Procter & Gamble (P&G).
The brand teamed up with MLS legend, Landon Donovan. Together they are on a mission to help players, fans and spectators alike compete against bugs with Zevo as the Most Valuable Protection (MVP).
“I’ve partnered with Zevo to help make bug prevention top of mind for the soccer community throughout the season,” said Donovan. “As a mosquito magnet, Zevo On-Body has protected me from tons of itchy moments on and off the field plus the best part – no odour! It definitely earns the MVP award in my book."
“MLS and soccer as a whole bring thousands of people outdoors to enjoy the sport each season. Zevo understands that bugs are inevitable in this environment, and wants to step in to protect you and your family,” said Chetan Parekh, vice president & general manager of Zevo at Procter & Gamble.
“Through our partnership with the MLS, we believe Zevo can provide players and fans with reliable prevention from mosquitoes and ticks, allowing them to focus on enjoying their experience rather than dealing with pesky insects.”


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