Woman in Fife, Scotland, warns about danger of leaving aerosols in hot cars

A woman in Fife, Scotland, has shared an urgent warning about the dangers of leaving aerosol cans in hot vehicles following an incident.

Claire Hogg told Edinburgh Live she had not realised how dangerous an aerosol can combined with rising temperatures could be “until it was too late”. Hogg’s car windscreen shattered after a can of Xtreme Tyre, which is used to repair tyre punctures, exploded.

Hogg described the effect as “a tornado of damage” after the aerosol can exploded, cracked her windscreen and sprayed hazardous latex liquid across the car. In an interview with Edinburgh Live, Hogg urged people to think twice before leaving aerosol cans in a car. She extended the warning to “anyone that carries any aerosols in their car, including ones that are meant to be designed to be carried in a car, such as this can of tyre inflater, which was put in the car by the manufacturer when we first got it brand new.”

She added: “This can exploded inside the car causing a tornado of damage because of the hot weather we have been having and the car sitting ‘not often’ used.

Hogg spoke of how lucky her family were that she had not been driving with her children when the can exploded, which could have resulted in serious injuries: “Please check every little ‘cubby hole’ in your vehicle and make sure you aren’t storing any hazardous materials that may cause a serious accident or damage. I’m just grateful this happened to us while the car was stationary with no one inside.”

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