Wolf Group opens “first-ever” PU foam factory in Spain

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Wolf Group, the European building chemicals producer and brand owner of Penosil spray,  has opened its PU Foam Factory in Spain.
This step marks the beginning of foam production not only in Iberia but in the entire Mediterranean, North African and Near East regions.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the completion of the construction process, which began in 2023. More than 100 guests, including state and local officials, stakeholders, suppliers, and employees from 12 countries, joined the festivities.
Located in Gavà, Barcelona, it is the group's second factory in the region and its fifth in Europe, representing Wolf Group's continuing growth and expansion. It helps to serve focus markets more effectively in Western Europe and the USA, said the company.
Wolf Group's presence in Spain proved decisive in selecting the location of the new facility, it added.
Located next to the Wolf Group Ibérico S.A.U sealants factory, it covers an area of 10 ha and represents an investment of €12 million.
The facility generates up to 50 new jobs.
“Globalisation has made us vulnerable; it is not feasible to relocate the entire industry to China or low-cost developing countries without endangering our existence,“ said Wolf Group founder Jaan Puusaag in his inauguration speech.
“You can´t digitalise everything either; for everyday life, people need physical things. Industrial companies are important employers as they involve all social groups and contribute to regional development through tax revenue.”
The PU foam factory has been equipped with the most advanced technology and will be capable of manufacturing more than 70 foam combinations in the initial phase alone, including low-MDI, no-MDI and regular foams.
More than 5 million units are expected to be produced in the first year.
Low-MDI and no-MDI foams are a growing trend in the construction market, as the sector moves towards healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly products.
“Wolf Group has a strong vision based on our values and long-term goals. We expect growth of the market share in Europe and foam sales boost in the region,” stated Wolf Group CEO Peeter Tohver.

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