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Innovating with nitrogen, bio-based ingredients and post-consumer recycled materials, Cosmosol is looking ahead to a sustainable future.

Cosmosol has designed and manufactured high-quality aerosol products since 1987, with a complete range of spray and dispensing. The market application covers a variety of product forms, from aerosol foams to water mist sprays and pump dispensing products for the personal care, cosmetics, perfumery, and medical devices sectors.

Since 2000, the company has been working towards sustainability, using bagon- valve (BoV) technology for cosmetics products. Since then, the firm has been on an upwards journey that involves constant improvement and infinite dedication. Driven by the ethical beliefs outlined in the Code of Ethics, in 2020, Cosmosol laid the foundations for a further step forward in sustainability, launching an ambitious programme with targets for 2025.

The CARE programme, which stands for Conscious Aerosol Research for the Environment, builds on the momentum and progress from Cosmosol’s new plant implementation. The company has made several investments in recent...

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