What to expect from FEAerosol2020

On 24 September, the European Aerosol Federation’s FEAerosol2020 virtual event will take place, hosting an exclusive conference programme.

Attendees will be able to watch pre-recorded and live presentations and access unique content from world-class plenary speakers, leading thinkers and innovators in the field of aerosol packaging and technology.

Covering all areas of the aerosol industry, from transport regulations to compressed gases and sustainable packaging, the FEA’s Aerosol Today programme offers delegates a full day of talks.

Gaultier Massip, eco-design engineer at Citeo, will discuss new business opportunities resulting from smart aerosol packaging and recycling, while Alternative Packaging Solutions’ Brad Barron will discuss the real sustainability impact of aerosols and aerosol alternatives.

Green initiatives and sustainable products will be at the forefront of the Aerosol Today talks. Matthijs Bults of Nouryon will cover green DME – the bio-based propellant alternative and the FEA’s own Alain D’Haese will discuss how to use the EU Green Deal as a growth driver for your business.

Speaking about the Aerosol Today conference, D’Haese said: “Virtual FEAerosol2020 will provide essential insights into the key issues affecting the aerosol industry, as well as outstanding networking opportunities for brand owners, fillers, and suppliers to further discuss the latest trends and wider business environment.”

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