VTW’s new mould-making facility to open in spring 2021

VTW, a Vasantha Tool Crafts company, is building a new mould-making facility in Austria.

The company, made up of former KTW employees with proven expertise in mould making, and India-based mould-maker Vasantha, will begin operations at the new 4,000 m2 state-of-the-art facility in spring 2021.

Dayanand Reddy, founder and managing director of Vasantha, said: “This is a step in the right direction to support our continued growth in Europe.

“VTW will focus on delivering innovative first-class quality moulds to our global and European customers, combined with local service.”

The plant will support the design, manufacture, assembly, and qualification of moulds. VTW will also offer professional mould refurbishment, repairs, and technical services.

The facility’s tool room will feature a climate-neutral working environment with high-performance equipment, Internet of Things-suitable working cells, fully automated robotic lines with EDM machines and 5-axis milling machines, all supported by real-time workload planning and capacity simulation software.

The testing and technical centre will have new high-performance injection moulding machines, ranging from 1,500 kN to 6,500 kN clamping force, and will use SIM and DOE mould validation techniques to validate every new mould. There will also be space for customised systems, qualification, and integration.

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