US-based Wondercide launches new aerosol pest product

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Wondercide, a US company specialising in pest protection for pets, peoples, homes, and gardens, has launched two new products.

Founded in 2009, Wondercide is an Austin, Texas-based firm using products powered by ‘the purest, highest-quality’ essential oils and ingredients sourced responsibly from US companies committed to sustainable business practices.

Ant & Roach Home + Kitchen aerosol spray, featuring Geraniol and Lemongrass Oil and Fruit Fly Trap Home + Kitchen join the Wondercide range of products designed to ‘Treat Nature with Nature™’.

The botanical-based Ant & Roach aerosol is propelled by CO2 and does not contain volatile organic compounds. It offers a ‘fast kill and quick knockdown’ of bugs, including ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, carpet beetles, earwigs, silverfish, stink bugs, and sowbugs. The aerosol is designed for use throughout the home on surfaces where pests may be found or hiding.

Wondercide’s Fruit Fly Trap is a targeted self-contained solution that attracts and kills fruit flies. It starts working as soon as the lid is removed and lasts for up to 21 days.

Like the rest of the company’s product range, the Ant & Roach aerosol and Fruit Fly Trap are 25b products deemed by the US Environmental Protection Agency to be ‘minimum risk’ to humans and the environment, and cruelty-free, tested only on the bugs they are designed to eliminate. The packaging is recyclable once empty.

“We’re spending more time at home and in our backyards, so I’m thrilled to be able to offer two new products that will keep families safely protected so they can focus on life’s special moments, and not on the bugs,” said Stephanie Boone, founder and CEO of Wondercide.

“These easy-to-use, innovative, plant-powered solutions will help make everyday life better.”

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