Urgent feedback needed on COVID-19 measures for aerosol businesses

The British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association (BAMA) has received an urgent request from the UK Government to help evaluate whether and how to relax COVID-19 measures for businesses.

Feedback on measures such as social distancing and other restrictions is required by 10am on 22 April. All aerosol companies are welcome to submit feedback to BAMA, even if they are not BAMA members.

Feedback is required by the UK Government on the following questions:

  • What elements of social distancing could safely be relaxed for your sector?

  • What could best help businesses to operate as safely as possible once restrictions are lifted?

  • What are the key reasons (if any) that the sector would not return to 'business as usual' if social distancing were relaxed (e.g. demand wouldn't recover to pre-crisis levels, international supply chains will take time to recover etc.)

  • The government would also like examples of UK businesses that have found effective ways to operate safely already.

If you can help, please reply to Patrick Heskins, BAMA's chief executive, at patrickheskins@bama.co.uk by 10am on 22 April.


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