Unilever’s new form of deodorant

Deodorant and antiperspirant leader Unilever has revealed its new ‘on the go’ form of deodorant.

Unilever’s Deodorant Wipes claim to be a ‘smart’ way to stay feeling fresh whilst on the go and going from one activity to the next. The new Deodorant Wipes offer 24-hour odour protection and are available from Dove, Dove+Care, Degree Women, Degree Men and AXE. 

General manager and vice-president of Unilever deodorants, men's grooming and hand and body lotion, Dawn Hedgepeth said, "Our research shows that nearly 50% of people are applying their deodorant multiple times every single day.”

Hedgepeth continued, “Our new Deodorant Wipes provide an easy-to-use format for wiping away sweat and freshening up. There are countless moments where these wipes can provide a fresh re-set – activities like working out, before a big meeting, during travel, on the way to meet up with friends or just running around the house."     

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