Tunap Sports launches spray wax for bicycle chains

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Tunap Sports has released its new Ultimate Chain Wax for bicycle chains.
Due to the spray application, the lubricant quickly creeps into the chain, the solvent evaporates, and the bike is immediately ready to ride, according to the company.
This avoids time-consuming removal and wax baths with hot wax, or long airings of the chain by applying wax from a dropper bottle, it added.
The unique grease-wax matrix of the chain wax provides strong corrosion protection, extremely low coefficients of friction and high dirt resistance, said Tunap Sports.
The Chain Wax Ultimate product is suitable for lubricating the bicycle chain after any repair, maintenance or cleaning of a bicycle and can also be used for bicycle chains on e-bikes.
Thanks to state-of-the-art additives and solid lubricants, the lubricating film has an above-average effect, especially in dry conditions.
The new spray wax is also characterised by very strong corrosion protection compared to all other waxes on the market, added the organisation.
In addition, the grease-wax matrix ensures extremely good adhesion and effectively and long-lasting prevents dirt deposits on the bicycle chain.
"Bikers want a clean chain, but waxing the chain is time-consuming. With our new spray-on chain wax, we are making the benefits of waxing accessible to anyone who doesn't want to go through the classic waxing process," said Björn von Dressler, head of Tunap Sports.
"Simply remove coarse dirt from the chain, apply spray wax, leave on for a short time and wipe lightly with a cloth. It only takes a few minutes for the drive to be lubricated.
"Our extensive tests on the chain test bench with comparable products confirm that its highest drive efficiency in comparison with its fast application makes the Ultimate chain wax the fastest chain wax on the market today."
The Chain Wax Ultimate is available as a 125ml spray can.

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