Tubex scoops two awards for its Dove and NIVEA aerosol cans

Tubex has received two World Star Awards for its aerosol cans, Unilever’s Dove Men & Care and Beiersdorf’s NIVEA Body Mousse.

The award-winning cans focus on ‘different aspects’ of can manufacturing, according to Tubex. The Beiersdorf’s NIVEA Body Mousse is ‘outstanding’ in shape and print, with a smooth yet unusual conical shape, which was obtained by using spline technology – a technique used to create smooth transitions and that avoids shadowing on the can’s surface.

According to Tubex, everything from drawing to the tool setting had to be precisely aligned to get the perfect can and special attention to detail was required to create the round brand NIVEA logo on the can. In a statement, the company said: “The brand logo is applied to the cylindrical can and at that stage, the logo appears irregular and pre-distorted. After the horizontal and vertical shaping of the can, the brand logo is circular looking.”

The company said the Unilever Dove Men & Care aerosol can was designed around sustainability and efficiency. The can is almost 20% lighter than the previous standard can. Tubex commented: “This extraordinary weight reduction was achieved by slightly modifying the shape of the can and the use of a patented new alloy.

“To make sure the can arrives safely at its destination, Tubex changed from packing in bundles to layer-wide packaging. The advantages are 15% more cans fit on a pallet, 15% more cans on a truck, and 15% less storage space is needed.”

Describing the innovation, Leo Werdich, managing director of Tubex Holding, said: “The use of this patented alloy gives us exciting possibilities in terms of weight reduction and the use of real PCR in the future at the same time.”

Karin Swain, assistant to the managing director, added: “The Tubex team is very thrilled to win the prestigious World Star Award twice! It is proof of our target to offer our customers the best there is in can manufacturing.”

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