Tubex, PreZero Pyral partner on PCR aluminium recycling

Tubex has teamed up with PreZero Pyral to form a closed loop in recycling post-consumer aluminium packaging.

Tubex and its slug supplier recently developed a patented alloy where the customer has the choice of up to 60% inclusion of recycled material in the slug. An aluminium slug is the primary material used to manufacture aluminium monobloc aerosol cans.

This collaboration with aluminium packaging recycler PreZero Pyral will ensure that the specifically developed aluminium post-consumer recycled (PCR) material is not diverted or taken from already existing and functioning closed loops, such as beverage cans (UBC), as a source for PCR material.

PreZero Pyral, founded in 2005, operates two eco-friendly and resource-saving pyrolysis facilities, where aluminium from the yellow bin in Germany is recycled and recovered. With its thermal plants, the company can extract aluminium from otherwise hard-to-recover compounded packaging, and then using its S.A.A.L.T sorting system, sort the organic-free aluminium into alloys.

With more than 15 years of experience, PreZero Pyral currently recovers approximately 25,000 tons of aluminium per year, with this number set to increase ‘significantly’ due to further planned facilities and increasing demand.

Recycling aluminium has the advantage of saving 95% of the energy compared to the energy needed to produce aluminium from bauxite ore, said Tubex.

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