Truck carrying aerosol cans explodes in Oklahoma

A truck carrying 27,000 lbs (approximately 12,200 kilograms) of aerosol deodorant products caught fire in north-eastern Oklahoma on 6 August, causing the cans to explode.

According to KOKI-TV, the explosion occurred at approximately 5 am at a Love’s Travel Stop near Big Cabin. The truck pulled into the stop after having brake issues, which caused the vehicle’s tires to catch fire. The cans of Degree deodorant (known as Sure in the UK) were ignited, creating ‘fireworks’, according to witnesses.

Kevin Oakley, chief of the Big Cabin Fire Department, told the TV station that the area around the truck stop was “like a war zone”.

“It looks like Roman candles going off,” Oakley told KOKI, “and you’re walking through everything it looks like a war zone. Especially at five o’clock in the morning.

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