Trivium Packaging releases annual Sustainability Report

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Trivium Packaging, a global leader in infinitely recyclable metal packaging solutions, has released its annual Sustainability Report, which showcases the range of sustainability and community initiatives throughout the company's global operations.
Trivium's 2022 Sustainability Report details the efforts the company has taken to implement sustainable practices into all aspects of its supply chain - from sourcing through suppliers with a proven dedication to Trivium’s sustainability journey to implementing strategies for reducing carbon emissions on Trivium’s production sites.
The report also features the community and industry-wide efforts Trivium puts into practice to empower, educate and lead their communities in eco-friendly and sustainable actions to make the world a more positive place.
Highlights from Trivium’s report:
• Reducing carbon emissions from operations: In 2022, Trivium introduced various operational excellence programs aimed at reducing carbon and increasing the recycling of waste streams across their plants. These programs and others led to an overall reduction of carbon emissions by 7.3%, compared to 2021, against an original target of 4.2% and a larger target of a 15% reduction by 2025. In 2022, Trivium opened a new production facility in the Netherlands for Ausnutria products that runs on zero-emission energy sources like geothermal heating and green electricity.
• Sustainable innovation: Trivium has received a Platinum rating from EcoVadis, a provider of business sustainability ratings, for the second year in a row. In 2022, Trivium conducted more than 60 customer innovation sessions globally, leading to more sustainable packaging. Trivium said it is also proud to have continued its strong tradition of award-winning technical and sustainable innovation, receiving 10 awards across a range of categories and geographies.
• Safe, engaged, and responsible workforce: Trivium recognises that caring for our climate and people is a business imperative and that its stakeholders increasingly expect it to make meaningful efforts toward positive climate and community action.
“Sustainability is embedded into the heart of our business,” said Trivium CEO Michael Mapes. “Not just because of our metal packaging solutions’ intrinsically infinite circularity that can protect, promote and preserve a wide range of everyday consumer products – but also because we are focused on making sustainability a foundational pillar of our ongoing business transformation by nurturing a deeply rooted sustainability mindset across all our functions, regions and sites.”
“The passion for our sustainability journey is carried through the entire organization. Our products contain what matters, and we are proud of that, but our people also contain what matters - a sustainability journey is only viable if we collaborate toward our common goals. This report is a testimonial of the progress we made in 2022, but our journey does not end here as we continuously aim to make the world a better place for generations to come. The objective of our report is not only to encourage transparency within the value chain but also to provide companies at earlier stages of ESG maturity with a best-practice governance framework on which they can build their excellence for their sustainability agenda.” said Jenny Wassenaar, chief sustainability officer at Trivium Packaging.


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