Trivium Packaging, Mist Drinks launch aerosol drinks product

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Trivium Packaging has collaborated with Mist Drinks to launch an innovative aerosol drinks product.

Using Trivium’s aluminium packaging, the new product line is designed for cocktail enthusiasts, allowing them to recreate their favourite drinks at home.

Trivium, a leader in infinitely recyclable and reusable metal packaging, partnered with Prodipani to launch the unique product, which was created to revolutionise the consumption of distillates with a practical solution to prepare quality cocktails.

The new Mist Drinks aerosol product was launched in May and the portfolio includes different tropical infusions, ginger, aromatic herbs and the Moscow mule line. Mist’s infusions come ready to mix with gin or vodka.

“Mist Ginger Foam is packaged in an aluminium can produced by Trivium, providing a modern elegance to the product and guaranteeing protection to the content," said Carlos Telheiros, commercial director of Prodipani, the filling partner of Mist Drinks.

"This single-piece aluminium can utilizes an internal varnish that prevents the risk of the foam reacting with the packaging. Sustainability played a big part in our choice of packaging. The aluminium can was the best choice for the environment as it is 100% infinitely recyclable and has very high recycling rates, contributing to a better world.”

Trivium Argentina manufactured the can, without the printing, and Prodipani applied the sleeve labels, allowing Mist Drinks to launch several flavours.

A few key elements that factored into Mist Drinks’ choice to use aluminium aerosol can packaging included: the choice to run with 100% infinitely recyclable packaging, showing an environmental commitment; the whipped cream is presented in a modern aluminium tube 53 x 200, able to support 18 bar pressure, providing elegance and guaranteeing protection; and as the product is typically used around wet areas while mixing drinks, aluminium was chosen because it does not rust.

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