Trivium Argentina to expand aluminium aerosol can recycling

Trivium Packaging has partnered with a recycling firm in Argentina to increase the recollection and reuse of aluminium aerosol cans.

Through the partnership with Creando Conciencia, Trivium Argentina will become the first in Latin America to use post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminium. The initiative is part of the company’s efforts to raise awareness and accelerate sustainability practices for its customers and the planet.

Marcelo Celestini, general manager of Trivium Argentina, said: “This recycling initiative enables Trivium to make a difference in the three areas our company is built on by taking care of people through social organisations, protecting our planet by reducing CO2 emissions in a significant way, and by walking the same journey with our customers.”

The partnership aims to make the recycling process more efficient while providing encouragement and education to the community surrounding aerosol can recycling.

Creando Conciencia will collect aluminium aerosol cans from consumers and process them using machinery provided by Trivium that depressurises and compacts the aerosol at the same time. Trivium is then able to melt the compacted aerosols to produce aluminium ingots.

Trivium Argentina estimates that 9-10% of its newly-produced packaging will come from recycled aluminium.

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