Trends shaping innovations in the aerosol market

New hygiene regimes and sustainability commitments are helping to shape the aerosol market. Norbert Piotrowski of Aerosol Service Poland explains the thinking behind the company’s latest hygiene innovations.

Personal care and cleaning product volumes continue to grow globally; this is driven by consumers’ changing lifestyles and the adoption of new hygiene routines. A large group of these products is aerosols, the importance of which is still growing due to of the multitude of possibilities they offer.

It can be observed that the trend toward greater portability and affordability has led to a rising demand for smaller packaging sizes. In addition, sustainability and functionality are also becoming key purchasing criteria. Moreover, 2020 has changed everything and it is very possible that new habits we learned during the global pandemic will stay with us forever. For this reason, product innovation will play an essential role in responding to customers’ evolving needs.

Hygiene and functionality above all

The beauty and personal care market products are expected to continue...

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