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One of the industry’s most exciting innovations, TOPcolours, gives customers the chance to decorate aluminium aerosol cans while protecting the environment.

Sustainability is on everyone’s agenda and plays a vital role in developing new aerosol cans.

Aluminium aerosol cans have already contributed to sustainability and the circular economy by being fully and endlessly recyclable. Alloys reduce weight while lacquers and varnishes have little or no solvents in them. The printing ink was the last component where no real sustainable solution was available. This changed when TUBEX and ink supplier PURe inks Europe teamed up exclusively to enable customers to decorate their aluminium aerosol cans with natural ink, or to use the working title - TUBEX TOPcolours.

Developing TOPcolours

This type of ink has been used successfully in other areas of printing. As it has worked well on other materials, could it work on aluminium as well? There is a big difference between printing on paper, for example, and printing on metal – or in our case, an aluminium aerosol can.

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