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UK-based Springfield Solutions helped an aerosol manufacturer to deliver exciting new packaging opportunities, using its digital self-adhesive shrink-on label – SASO®.

In April 2019, Springfield Solutions launched its innovative SASO® product. SASO is a digital self-adhesive shrink-on label that has been specifically designed to give seamless, full-height, 360-degree coverage of cylindrical objects. It is particularly suited to aerosol cans due to the label moulding perfectly around the taper at the top and bottom of the can, giving the impression it is printed directly onto the metal.

Since the launch of SASO, Springfield has worked with several customers to bring this innovative solution to market. One of those customers is Liquid Science. Liquid Science is a forward-thinking chemical and aerosol manufacturer with an enterprising team of product development experts backed by over 82 years of manufacturing, logistics, and compliance experience. From its beginnings as a chemical distributor, Liquid Science places product development and manufacturing at the forefront of what it does, supplying thousands of high-quality aerosol...

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