Thwarting the pandemic through aerosol recycling

Gary Okey, CHMM, executive vice-president of Recycle Aerosol, explains how the company shifted its recycling production to prioritise ethanol-containing products during the pandemic

We have all been told for the past several months that we are in a war against this invisible enemy. As we consider how the pandemic has impacted our normal work, family and social lives, we may feel more like passive but mostly obedient pawns, being urged to do as close to nothing as possible. While many US industries were halted, our company’s work was deemed ‘essential’, so we forged ahead. Many of us privately considered whether there were other avenues for supporting this war effort. For Recycle Aerosol, after we made the requisite moves to keep our employees and visitors safe, our thoughts turned to considering what unique, untapped resources the aerosol industry might be able to bring to the battle.

What is Recycle Aerosol doing?

After noting the numerous US media references to hand sanitiser shortages, some distilleries responded by shifting production away from beverage-grade alcohol and quickly...

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