“This is only the beginning”

TUBEX and Unilever have joined forces to create the first aerosol can on the market using real post-consumer recycled content.

TUBEX and Unilever recently introduced the first can on the market with real post-consumer recycled content (PCR). What seems so easy and obvious is really the result of a long, continuous, joint research and development effort by the consortium, comprising Neuman Aluminium, the manufacturer of the slugs, Tubex and Unilever. Development of the alloys dates back to 2004. Tubex and Neuman Aluminium came up with the idea to develop a new alloy that could save material and weight. At that time, an aerosol can was, in general, cylindrical, with typically round shoulders. The first material savings with a standard 99.5% aluminium slug had already been materialised, but Tubex and Neuman wanted more. The aim was to save even more material and weight by using a new alloy and as a result, reduce the wall and base thickness and base of the can even further.

The composition of the original alloys was very different to those produced today. These alloys made the manufacturing of cans more challenging for processing...

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