The journey of a “viral” cosmetic aerosol product

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Lorne Lucree, chief innovation officer at Voyant Beauty, reminisces on his favourite aerosol development project - and explains how it went "viral"
My favourite aerosol hair product I have developed has to be the IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam, which launched in 2018.
For background, IGK is a haircare line founded by four celebrity hair stylists that launched in 2016 in Sephora and salons in the US. Soon the brand expanded into Ulta and into global markets.
The product itself created a new category of what is known as "hair makeup" and is a tinted aerosol foam that contains colour-travel pigments to create a holographic colour effect on hair.
What I love about this product is that it sits at the intersection of a few key trends at the time, and the product benefit was only really achievable via an aerosol delivery.
Key trend-wise, first, from a raw material standpoint, colour travel pigments had just launched into the market. These came from the world of eyeshadows in colour cosmetics and created a three-colour effect as they moved into the light, shifting from blue-purple-green or pink-red-purple. The colour payoff played strongly on...

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