The importance of aerosols in the recycling systems of tomorrow

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Tom Giddings discusses the findings of a recent study into the UK’s aerosol recycling rate

Tom Giddings, executive director of the aluminium packaging recycling organisation (Alupro), explains why education, collection consistency and investment in infrastructure are all essential to further increase our national recycling rates.

Earlier this year, Alupro undertook a comprehensive study, in partnership with Resource Futures, analysing the recycling rate of used aerosol containers within UK local authority kerbside collections. The results were eye-opening, finding that – contrary to the government’s 2% estimated baseline – more than 42% of all aerosol containers sold nationwide are collected at the kerbside for recycling.

This number is more impressive still when you consider that, while 95% of local authorities collect aerosol containers, few actively promote this fact. As such, aerosols are widely considered one of the UK’s most confusing consumer packaging types, with incorrect disposal commonplace in result.

While you’d be right to suggest that a 42% capture rate for such an essential,...

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